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Charred Asparagus . Goat’s Cheese Arancini . Saffron Mayonnaise

This lovely seasonal dish is both light and filling - a sensation which is amplified by the zest in the creamy arancini. The Asparagus are extremely fresh and paired with the rich saffron mayonnaise they create a wonderful palette of flavours and textures.

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Duck Rillettes . Apple & Gooseberry Chutney . Toasted Baguette

Spicy, with a lovely array of textures and beautifully presented, the duck confit is cured in salt and based in the oven with duck fat. The glaze on the bottom of the plate and the chutney brings elements of spicy ginger and hints of sour and the crunch of the baguette brings all the textures together beautifully.

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Soft Polenta . Sautéed Bell Peppers & Basil . Feta . Watercress

The polenta is incredibly light and fluffy and is cooked with marscapone for added creaminess. The parmesan and the feta bring extra flavour and the fresh peppers add a gentle crunch and fresh zestiness to the dish as a whole.


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Beef Rump . Artichoke & Pak Choi . Caramelised Celeriac Purée

Medium rare, very tender, and pan fried with thyme and rosemary,  the beef rump is incredibly juicy and gives one a real seasonal feel. It pairs perfectly with a glass of Malbek and the Pak Choi brings a green and refreshing nature to the dish in a delightfully unusual manner.  The caramelised celeriac puree is a smooth and warming additions, leaving one fully satisfied and warmed to the bone.

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Chocolate & Irish Cream Pavé. Caramel Ice Cream

The base of this heavenly dessert is a crumble made from crushed almonds, butter and sugar. It is deliciously crunchy and compliments the smoothness of the rich Chocolate mousse - which has tangy elements of Baileys. The homemade caramel ice-cream on the side is a beautifully lavish addition, bringing all the flavours together in a delightful taste explosion.

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Mandarin Sorbet . Lime Jelly

The homemade pear sorbet lies on a bed of lime jelly & baby basil and is topped with delightfully crunchy dehydrated mandarin. Pair it with Banoyl it s the perfect, refreshing antidote to a heavy meal.