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Gin & Beetroot Cured Salmon

This citrusy and refreshing beetroot salmon something is really something that you cant just find anywhere. A delicious amalgamation of sweet, smooth textures paired with a delicate crunch and bitter taste from the rocket, this dish really whets ones palette. A juicy acidity is broght out by the pink fruit and the creamy horseradish gives it that final oomph!

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Celeriac Soup . Crispy Kale . Horseradish

A very classic and popular dish. The creamy horseradish and celeriac match in a beautiful way and the addition of deep fried kale bright a light crunch and a strong smoky flavour; a truly warming December dish.

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Chicken Liver Parfait . Port Jelly . Warm Brioche

Two delectably sweet, warm and freshly made slices of brioche dress the plate and act as the perfect accompanigment to the parfait. Dressed with a layer of port jelly which pairs beautifully with the flavour of the chicken, this dish a beautiful balance of rich flavours and cool textures.



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Wild Mushroom & Truffle Risotto . Hazelnut

The dish is hot, rich and perfect for winter. Strong flavours are brought out by the truffle oil and the trompettes and thick flakes of parmesan add a smoky bitter addition to ones palette. Delightfully creamy and cheesy, hazlenuts add a crunch to the smoothness of the cannoli rice. A hug on a plate!

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Hake . Braised Leeks . Grilled Cherry Tomato . Watercress Sauce

The deliciously fresh hake sits atop a bed of soft leeks and a beautifully green sauce of creme fraiche, watercress and shallots lines the base of the dish giving a burst of fresheness and a creamy flavour. Cooked cherry tomatoes add an extra sweetness and the scattering of pea shoots that dust the hake add extra freshness and zest.

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Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder . Garlic Mash . Glazed Onion

The lamb shoulder is cured for 5 hours in salt and then slow cooked over night, rendering it exquisitely tender. The garlic mash brings an added softness to the texture of the dish and a gentle burst of flavour. A scattering of onion leaves create a subtle acidity within the dish and this pairs perfectly with the beautifully fresh but delightfully rich mint sauce. A hearty, delicious and warming winter special!


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Pear Sorbet . Orange & Basil

This lovely handmade pear sorbet is both citrusy and refreshing. The texture of the sorbet is simply divine - it is wonderfully smooth and thick and contrasts delightfully with the crunch of the orange candy.. Two orange slices dress the bottom adding that final, sweet burst of sweet flavour and as pears are currently in season, the dish is truly scrumptious!

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Lemon Tart . Crème Fraîche

Redcurrant cassis is spread across the plate and dressed with an exquisite, set lemon tart. The pastry is wonderfully crunchy and a layer of chocolate is brushed across it before the lemon goes on. Pure citrus flavour and soft texture paired with the crème fraîche make this an amazing dessert.


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Milk Chocolate Pot . Hazelnut . Biscotto

A pot of pure chocalate delight! Delightfully sweet and filled with hazelnuts this dessert has a wonderfully crunchy texture and a beautifully rich sensation. The almond biscotti is soft and crumbly and the tuile adds super crunch. This is the ultimate end to decadent meal!



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Clementine & Brandy Snap

Maxim Trijol, Lustau Vermouth, Clementine Cordial & Drops of Fernet Branca

Shaken & served up.

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Oh My Darling

Bathtub Old Tom Gin, Ban Poitin, Marasquin, Clementine Cordial.

Served on the rocks with a red wine float.