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Rabbit Terrine . Tomato Chutney . Homemade Corn Bread

Served with crunchy grilled corn bread, this unusual dish is mixed with black trompette, pistachios and diced carrots for extra colour and flavour. The accompaniment of fresh tomato chutney adds a gentle sour flavour to the dish and tomato chunks bring a nice variety of textures.

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Gazpacho Soup . Rosemary Croutons  

This traditional Andalucian dish is bringing a taste of a summer holiday to Bistro!  Served chilled with chilli sauce, vinegar, olive oil, red pepper, and a delicious abundance of vegertables - the overall effect is an explosion of freshness and spice Rosemary infused croutons and pepper courgette garnish decorate the surface of the dish bringing and extra crunch and zest. The perfect antitdote for both hunger and the heat!


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Red Snapper . Couscous . Capers & Olives . Harissa Crème Fraîche

A base of couscous mixed with fresh lemon zest & olive oil and served with black olives, capers, cherry tomatoes and spring onions brings a wonderful fresh foundation to the plate and a Medditerranean feel to the dish. A delicious piece of hot red snapper sits a top the cous cous and is topped with a quenelle of harissa crème fraiche which adds thickness and and a gentle tingle of spice. The creme fraiche acts as the perfect summer sauce as it is exquisitely light and gently melts into snapper and the couscous, adding both balance and thickness to the dish.

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Duck Breast . Mange Tout & Green Beans . Blackberry Sauce 

The female duck breast, which, according to our Head Chef is a much better quality than male, is pan fried so that the skin becomes delightfully crispy. It is then soaked and served with a red wine jus and blackberry puree. Deliciously pink and tender, the duck breast pairs perfectly with the seasonal vegetables which are blanched an crunchy adding variety to the texture of the dish. Both deliciously warming and fresh, it is a lovely summery and filling plate to enjoy .



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Baked Chocolate Tart . Crème Fraîche Sorbet

An old style Swiss Chocolate Tart with a lighter, summery twist! The classic sweet pastry is made with flour sugar and butter and then filled with zabaione. The chocolate is perfectly filling and luxurious and pairs perfectly with the addition of the crème fraîche sorbet which tones down the heaviness of the chocolate and creates a lightness to the dish - cooling down ones palette.

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Basil Mousse . Limoncello Jelly . Yuzu Curd 

This dessert presents the most wonderful array of flavours and textures. The classic lemon mousse, infused with fresh basil, rests on a crunchy biscuit base and is coated in limoncello jelly. The crunch of the biscuit complements the softness of the mousse perfectly and the sweetness of the limoncello jelly is amplified by the gentle bitterness of the yuzu curd which is dotted around the plate - bringing an extra suprisong addition of lemon taste to the dish. The perfect summery finale to a hearty meal!


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Hailing its name from a Kate Bush song, this cocktail is made with prosecco, Black Cow Vodka and Peach Shrub and is light, fluffy and fruity like a cloud. The addition of egg white, crème de mure (a blackberry liqeur) and lavender bitter finish the cocktail with a beautifully sweet but acidic flavour. Perfect as an aperitif or a digestif, it froths up like a meringure and has a wonderfully fizzy texture.

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A Day at The Races

A long, boozy, iced-tea style drink, very much inspired by both English and American races, our bartenders envisage this drink being consumed on a porch in the heat to cool one down...pretty much like the Bistro bar with the doors open on a summer's day! The cocktail is made with Kentucky classic bourbon, peach shrub, and fresh thyme - all very inspired by the suouthern states of America. The English spin is the Yorkshire tea soda and co2 which add fizz and an extra burst of flavour!