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Prawn Cocktail . Filo Pastry . Lemon Zest & Dill

This heavenly prawn cocktail is framed in a sumptuously crisp corbet of filo pastry and mixed with a delectable concoction of  cream, carrots, baby gem lettuce and melon. Crème fraiche and dill line the base bringing out a sour twang and the lemon gives it a zesty spark. A truly exotic amalgamation of textures, the pastry adds a crispy crunch to the smooth sensation of the cocktail..

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Beef Carpaccio . Pomegranate . Mushrooms & Rocket . Truffle Oil

A very seasonal dish. The beef is soaked in mustard and rolled in crushed pepper and chopped thyme. It is then sealed, heated, frozen and then thinly sliced which brings all the flavours together forming a taste explosion! Sprinkles of fresh pickled mushrooms and truffle oil dress the carpaccio, creating a wonderful palette of exotic textures and flavours. The finishing touches of pomegranate, chopped fresh pastry and wild rocket add further freshness to the dish and parmesan dusting creates a gentle smoky aftertaste.


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 Pearl Barley Risotto . Tofu . Runner Beans . Mushrooms & Parmesan

The delectable barley is cooked with shallots and vegetable stock cretaing a musky yet gentle smoky taste. A touch of soy sauce & parmesan are sprinkled on top and the taste sensation is buttery and creamy and yet luxuriously light. The scattering of the small fried tofu balls are simply exquisite - crunchy on outside yet soft on the inside! Runner beans cut like diamonds bring a beautiful aesthetic to the dish.

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Lamb Rump . Pommes Anna . Courgettes & Peppers . Mint Jus

The ultimate main course. Thin slices of golden, crispy potatos frame the plate in a beautiful circle and are topped with a mixed pepper and green courgette compote. This pairs perfectly with the heart warming pan fried lamb which is gently doused in a divine mint sauce creating a hearty yet fresh sensation. The combination of the peppers, the mint and the lamb is simply exquisite  and this dish not only tastes amazing on the inside but the colour palette of the golden potatoes and red and green peppers render it a beauty to behold!

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Panna Cotta . Summer Berries . Almond Biscuit

A delightful pairing of sweetness and freshness, this dessert will truly make your tastebuds tingle. The panna cotta is made with vanilla cream and a lovely selection of rasberries, blueberries and blackberries, similar to a compote,  creating a perfectly fruity summer feel. Served with a whole almond biscuit to add a delicate crunch to your palette, this is certianly the grand finale to a sumptous meal.




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Peruvian Greyhound:

Light and simple with a gentle tingle, this cocktail is made with pisco, aperol, lemon, sugar and pink grapefruit creating a zesty sensation. Salt, infused with green chilli, lines the rim of the glass evoking a gentle spiciness and it is perfect as an apertif before a luxurious meal.

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Voodoo Daquri

The clue is in the name. Made with lime, sugar and Rum Barbancourt - a very raw rum that has a natural spice to it, it is deliciously cold and fresh.  The addition of red chilli creates a fiery sensation and a pinch of salt brings out the dryer flavours of the rum.