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Carrot & Orange Soup . Coriander

A delicious balance of sweet and savoury. The sweetness of the carrot and the orange pairs wonderfully with the salt & pepper and coriander infused olive oil - creating a zesty, refreshing and summery taste sensation. Garnished with fried cauliflower and sprinkled with diced carrots, it is beautiful both inside and out!

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Charred Asparagus . Red Pepper Arancini . Lemon Mayonnaise

The charred, blanched asparagus are framed with streaks of delicious lemon mayonnaise – a more refreshing and summery alternative to the previous accompaniment of goats curd. The soothing, deep fried arancini is filled with diced red peppers which adds a heart-warming, smoky flavour to this delightfully light dish.

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La Latteria Burrata . Heritage Tomato . Crunchy Buckwheat

This small and exquisitely fresh 'burratina'  is served with delicate chunks of heritage tomato which are in full season and bring an optimum freshness to ones palette. It is dressed with balsamic glaze and olive oil to add a gentle acidity and sprinkles of pan fried buckwheat bring a delightfully crunchy contrast to the smoothness of the burrata - which positively dissolves in one’s mouth...


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Gin Cured Salmon . Grapefruit . Pickled Golden Beetroot

The deliciously thin slices of salmon are cured in an exotic mixture of salt, sugar, orange, gin and dill for 24 hours creating an exquisite flavour. Drizzles of horseradish cream on the plate add an extra kick and the golden grapefruit and pickled beetroot bring all the refreshing flavours together beautifully -  creating a powerful zest. The rocket adds a gentle crunch to the general smoothness of the texture.

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Poached Plaice . Spinach . Lobster Cream . Crispy Leek

Deliciously soft, the plaice sits atop a bed of mixed leaf spinach and is drizzled in succulent lobster & crab cream sauce. Hints of brandy in the sauce add a gentle potency and a few delicate additions of crayfish bring out the essence of the seafood flavours. Fried crispy leeks sprinkled like a halo above the plaice add an exquitely salty crunch to the texture.


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Roast Pork Belly . Watercress Purée . Black Pudding . Caramelised Apple

The careful process behind this dish explains its magnificent flavour…The pork belly is cured for 3- 4 hours in salt, tamarind, rosemary, thyme, & garlic and then cooked in the oven overnight for about 8 hours. The skin of the pork is pan fried - creating a divine crispy crunch which goes wonderfully with the refreshing watercress purée. The slice of the black pudding paired with the sweet zestiness of the caramelised apple, creates a phenomenal sensation of tastes and textures. A classic British dish; it is a Bistro favourite.

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Strawberry & Mango Pavlova

The delicate sweet crunch of the meringue, paired with the delectable juiciness of the fresh mango and strawberry slices creates an absolutely ethereal taste. The plate is decorated with mango jelly, strawberry coulis, and micro mint - adding further freshness and the sprinkles of icing sugar bring the flavours to life. Classic, creamy and fresh this simple dessert with fresh fruit is the perfect finale to a delicious meal!


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Strawberry Bellini

Our Rhubarb Bellini from the top of the menu has been updated to a delightfully sweet Strawberry Bellini. It is wonderfully refreshing and is the perfect aperitif before a luxurious meal.

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Strawberry Ice Tea

Cool down and hydrate with this exquisite Strawberry Ice Tea. Made with dehydrated strawberries, orange, grapefruit, honey and water it is the perfect summer drink.

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Red Bone

Named after the Childish Gambino song 'Red Bone' (a Bistro favourite) this cocktail is extremely cold and fresh. Created with Blackwoods - a Scottish Gin with a multitude of heavenly Botanicals - Juniper, Coriander, Sea Pig and Meadowsweet it is beautifully potent and fragrant. Lime Juice and strawberry cordial add an extra refreshing sweetness we expect our guests to thoroughly enjoy this throughout the coming summer months.

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For Dennis

A summer twist on a Negroni, this exquisite cocktail is made with Organic Brazilian Rum, Cocchi Americano, Rose hip Oil & Strawberry Cordial. There are strong notes of fresh pears and apples and the addition of the mint and the olive create a zesty and delicious taste...

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This is a wonderfully strong and potent take on a classic whisky cocktail. The Compass Box Whisky is coated with a delectable layer of ginger and heavenly slices of candied ginger. It is beautifully smoky and both warms you and refreshes you simultaneously.

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Negroni Sbagliato

For those unfamiliar with the word 'sbagliato' it translates at mistake in Italian and is a perfectly apt name for this new addition to the menu as the Negroni has been made with prosecco! This gives it an unusual, sweeter and bubbly sensation and it is a Bistro must try!