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Broccoli Soup . Roast Salted Almonds

This exceptionally smooth and delightfully warming soup is the perfect starter to whet ones appetite for the main course. A vibrant green, it is drizzled in roasted, crushed almonds which add a lovely crunch and is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan!

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Cod Brandade . Soft Poached Egg . Piquillo Peppers . Pistou Dressing

Cooked with milk, onions, garlic & tamarind, the cod is then mixed with mashed potato to create a light take on a fish cake - without the breadcrumbs. Served with small, red peppers which add a gentle sweetness to the dish, a poached egg perches on the cod adding a lovely variety of flavours. A dressing of pistou, mixed herbs and olive oil on the base of the plate adds freshness & colour and brings all the flavours together beautifully.



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Hake . Creamy Leek . Red Pepper Puree . Roast Vine Tomatoes

A puree of red pepper dresses the centre of the plate topped with a creamy leek compote and a pan fried piece of hake. The pepper puree is exquisitely fresh and hot paring perfectly with the hake and the leek. 5 pan fried cherry tomatoes dress the dish adding a burst of zest to the creamy nature of the dish. crunch of potato

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Braised Beef . Mash Potato . Carrot . Baby Onion . Mushroom

Lat year’s best-seller makes a triumphant return to the Bistro menu this month. The beef is marinated for 24 hours in red wine with carrots, onions, celery & garlic creting an exquisite amalgamation of flavours. It is then sealed and cooked all together with homemade chicken and veal stock and red wine and then cooked for 2 hours. Once it is perfectly cooked and bursting with flavour, the beef is served with creamy classic mash potato of carrot chutney, baby onion and butter mushrooms. The dish is hot, rich and perfect for winter.



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Blood Orange Sorbet . Orange Jelly . Candied Orange

This refreshing, handmade, vegan and gluten free ice-cream is delectably smooth and the perfect palette cleanser after a rich meal. The candied orange adds a crispy crunch and contrasts beautifully with the smooth texture of the sorbet and the exquisitely sweet orange jelly.

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Baileys & Chocolate Pave . Caramel Ice Cream

The cold Pave is incredibly smooth and easy to eat. Set with Baileys, it is sweet and light and the perfect end to a winter meal. The addition of caramel ice cream adds and extra burst of fresh sweetness.The perfect dress for those with a sweet tooth.


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Apple Tarte Tatin . Creme Fraiche

A classic dessert. The warm, crunchy pastry is topped with hot caramelised apple which has a touch of orange zest inside to give it a burst of freshness. Served with either creme fraiche or vanilla ice cream to add a luxuriousness to the palette, it is wonderfully warming and seasonal.