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Roast Butternut Squash Soup. Toasted Sunflower Seeds

‘Tis the season of butternut squash. The soup is delectably sweet with explosions of gentle spice from the chilli and coriander and sprinkling of sunflower seeds add texture and a light crunch. Incredibly warming and smooth, it is the perfect antidote to a chilly afternoon.

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La Latteria Burrata . Charred Aubergine . Crunchy Buckwheat

The exquisite Burrata from our beloved local suppliers, La Latteria, is now paired with exceptionally seasonal grilled aubergine which emphasises titscreamy freshness. Preserved in garlic and tamarind oil, this dish is a delightful amalgamation of fresh textures, flavours and seasonal produce,. Sprinklings of buckwheat add a delicate crunch and finish off the dish beautifully.

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Chicken Liver Parfait . Apple Jelly . Warm Brioche

This Autumn starter is bursting with flavour. Port, red wine and garlic fill the liver ,creating a rich taste which is complimented perfectly by the fresh layer of green apple jelly. Served with fresh brioche, it is tasty, smooth and exquisitely filling.

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Beef Tartare . Truffle Emulsion . Soda Bread Crostini

Beef Tartare makes a triumphant return to the Bistro menu this month. Mixed with gherkins, baby peppers, shallots and emulsion of truffle oil it is incredibly light and tasty and kick starts one’s appetite for a fine feast! The egg on top adds extra smoothness to the texture and contrasts delightfully with the crunchy soda bread.


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Gnocchi . Globe Artichoke . Runner Beans . Late Season Tomato & Feta Cheese

September’s Gnocchi has been given an October makeover. The broad beans have been substituted with artichoke and runner beans – adding a delectable seasonality, a freshness and also a beautiful aesthetic to this fresh, warm dish! Sprinkles of feta cheese pair beautifully with the tomatoes and the gnocchi – it is a stunning concoction of all things cheesy, light and fresh.

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Confit Duck Leg . Champ Mash . Pickled Red Cabbage

Delectably tender, the duck is cooked for 12 hours and is then served with delicious mash filled with spring onions. The pickled cabbage with cranberry jam adds a fruity sweetness that pairs beautifully with the duck and add sa touch of zest - rendering this dish warming, fresh and exceptionally tasty.

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Braised Ox Cheek . Roast Celeriac . Kale . Horseradish

Exquisitely in season, this is the ultimate warming Autumn dish. The Ox cheek is perfectly tender (one can almost eat it with a spoon!) and the richness of the meat is complemented by the fresh raw celeriac on the base which adds a fresh lightness. Crunchy, deep friend curly kale sits atop the dish and zesty horseradish flakes add a burst of flavour.



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 Chocolate Cheesecake . Orange Compote

Looking like a beautiful slice of chocolate marble, the rich cheesecake pairs perfectly with the sweet orange compote which adds a delectable freshness. A fantastically indulgent end to a sumptous meal.

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Sticky Toffee Pudding . Vanilla Ice Cream

Quite literally a hug on a plate. The pudding is exceptionally soft, rich and warm and the vanilla ice cream sits atop it gently melting. A perfect combination of hot and cold sensations, the sweet toffee pudding sauce at the base of the bowl warms one to the core.




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J For Jam

Delightfully dry with a hint of cherry flavour this coktail is made with Victory Gin, apricot jam, Tio Pepe & fresh rosemary.

Shaken & served up.

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Professional Scrumper

Exceptionally citrusy and fresh it is made with Compass Box Artist Blend Scotch, Cocchi Americano, dry white wine & pear shrub. 

Shaken & served long over ice.

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Pear Dropped

Made with Sweetdram Escubac, pear shrub, Campari & Prosecco it is wonderfully dry and is the perfect aperitif!

Served in a flute.