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Roasted Octopus . Piquillo Pepper . Quinoa Salad . Pistou Dressing

The texture of this tender and crispy octopus contrasts delightfully with the softness of the cod brandade filled pepper. The gentle garlic flavour from the cod brandade brings out the sweetness of the pepper and creates a dish full of exquisite taste sensations.

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Pea Soup . Mint . Sorrel

Smoky and refreshing, this fresh pea soup creates an ethereal palette of flavours both rich and zesty. Certainly not your average pea soup and suitable for vegans.

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Ham Hock Terrine . Soused Vegetables

The deliciously light, salty, cold, fresh flavours of the terrine are complemented by the soft, firm vegetables and the crunch of the crispy bread. The perfect starter.


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Whipped Goats Curd . Heritage Tomato . Caramelised Walnut

The ultimate heart-warming yet refreshing dish. The Delicious textures of the soft, creamy and potent goats curd pair fantastically with the crunchy walnuts and fresh tomatoes.


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Gin Cured Salmon . Grapefruit . Horseradish

This delicious  unusual salmon, marinated for 5 days with beetroot gin, is served with horseradish cream and pickled grapefruit and rocket. The softness of the salmon and zest of grapefruit pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the horseradish.

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Slow Cooked Lamb Stew . Rösti Potato . Turnips . Mange Tout

The spring version of a beef bourguignon. Cut from the neck of the animal - this lamb is exquisite. Served with a divine array of vegetables; rosti, mange tout, baby carrots, baby onions and broad beans. There is a zesty orange flavour in the sauce and the rich, soft lamb dissolves upon cut - pairing perfectly with the soft, salty rosti and the crunch of the broad beans. Gluten Free.

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Roast Guineafowl Breast . Puy Lentils . Whole Grain Mustard Sauce

The guineafowl is roasted in the oven and then pan fried – creating a most exotic taste and flavour. The skin has an amazing delicate crunch to it and the meat itself is very moist and delicious. Doused in a delicious chicken stock and white wine sauce and served with mushrooms, this is the ultimate dish to lead you into spring.

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Baked Cod . Leek . Creamed Gremolata

This deliciously soft fish is served in an exquisite creamy sauce that perfectly complements the flavour. Served with gremolata and sun dried tomatoes, the vegetables have a delicate crunch that goes well with the soft fish and deliciously creamy sauce.

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Tiramisu Trifle . White Chocolate

An exquisite and unusual dessert. The richness of the coffee liqueur flavour and the sweet white chocolate sprinkling on top make this a heavenly end to a hearty meal.


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Crème brûlée

No ordinary Crème brûlée. It is exceptionally light and the addition of rosemary gives it an ethereal lift and a most exotic flavour. The soft crunch of the surface and the smooth underbelly evoke an array of exotic taste sensations. A must have.