Roast Tomato Soup . Crème Fraiche

The fresh tomatoes are roasted in the oven in a very old style which adds a delicate crunchiness to the soup. They are delightfully fresh, rendering this a light starter that kick starts one’s appetite with the crème fraiche (can be Gluten free/dairy/vegan without it.) Baby basil brings zest to the dish and compliments the freshness of the tomatoes exquisitely.


Grilled Mackerel . Lemon & Dill Yoghurt . Beetroot . Crispy Shallots

Heavily in season, and only half cooked, the mackerel is delectably soft and tender, emanating freshness and warmth. The blow torched skin adds a light crunch and it pairs perfectly with the freshness of the lemon and the beetroot. Crispy shallots add a fine finish and an exotic texture.



Goats Cheese & Caramelised Walnut . Figs . Pear . Rocket

A heavenly array of fresh textures and flavours. The rocket salad is coated in a honey dressing which complements the taste of the crumbly moist goat’s cheese wonderfully. The added softness of the seasonal fresh figs pairs perfectly with the raw crunchiness of the pear and the delectable caramelized walnuts.



Pearl Barley Risotto . Mushroom . Truffle Oil

A more delectable alternative to rice, pearl barley’s rounder, fuller texture gives the risotto a softer and more luxurious feel. Fresh, warm mixed mushrooms and parmesan in the mix create a soothing and rich sensation and the addition of grated parmesan and white truffl oil add a delicious dusting of stronger tastes and fragrances.



Gnocchi . Peas . Broad Beans . Cherry Tomato & Feta Cheese

Handmade potato gnocchi is framed in a bed of broad beans, cherry tomatoes and rocket. A light dish, with a light sauce, it has a lovely soft texture and freshness. Sprinkles of feta cheese pair beautifully with the tomatoes and the gnocchi – it is a stunning concoction of all things cheesy, light and fresh.


Crusted Cod . Savoy Cabbage . Carrots . Cauliflower & Brown Fish Sauce

Pan fried in the oven, the cod is crusted with parsley and bread, creating a texture of a soft inner layer with a gently, crumbly flavoursome skin. It is served on a bed of brown fish sauce which is a wonderfully flavoursome combination of  fish bones roasted with onion, carrot and celery then mixed with tomato, red wine jus with added Star anise for a fresh liquorice burst. Multicoloured heritage carrots and sour cabbage with sprinkles of diced bacon accompany the dish.




Roast Parsnips

Crunchy yet soft, the parnsips are roasted in honey giving them a sweet glazing. Hints of olive oil and garlic emanate from the parsnips – rendering them the perfect warming side dish to any Bistro meal!




Green Apple Sorbet . Orange Candy

Gluten free, dairy free and exquisitely fresh, this green apple sorbet is the perfect thing to whet your palate after a hearty meal. The orange candy adds a crunch and burst of extra zest!


Caramelised Plum Tart . Ginger Ice Cream

This heavenly grand finale is sweet crunchy and caramelised . The plums evoke fresh, fruity notes, the ginger ice cream is the perfect addition to the biscuit-like texture of the tart and the fresh taste complements the plums beautifully.



Blackberry Picking

Inspired by Seamus Heaney’s poem, 'Blackberry Picking’ this simple, botanical cocktail is made with fresh blackberries which are boiled with caramelised sugar and apple to create a smooth jam. The mixture is then shaken and stirred with Cotswolds Gin and Byrrh and garnished with a bay leaf to create the perfect aperitif, digestif or mid dinner cocktail – perfect for any occasion!



This Autumn Negroni inspired drink is made with Somerset Cider Brandy, blackberry, apple & Amaro Montenegro. Stirred down & served on the rocks the drink is slightly darker evocative of the shorter coming nights and has a darker herbal flavour. The garnish of torched star anise creates exquisite aromas and brings out the woodiness of the cider brandy and the spiciness of the Montenegro.